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Hunting character — Hunter or Assassin Sin is great because they get the skill Steal. Money character — Merchant get the skills Vending, Overcharge, and Discount. Slave character — Priest if you can run multiple clients at once, make sure to make this on a separate account. Use the hunting character to get the gear you need and hunt valuable items.

Use the slave to buff the hunting character. Use the Merchant to overcharge all your drops, to buy potions at a discount, and to vend Cards.

The Following is a listing of ways to make money in RO. There are many ways, these are just 5 ways off the top of my head. They are listed from easiest to hardest. This is for low level money making. Use Fire element against Smokies.

Keep the Kitty Bands and Smokie Cards, and Overcharge the rest of the drops with your Merchant. Kitty Band is used to make Bunny Band and Black Cat Ears. It can sell for a lot of zeni when vended. Smokie Card gives the skill Hide and can also sell for a lot when vended. Check the market before vending anything.

Witherless Roses drop at a fair rate. It takes some patience, but each rose is worth alot of money. Wild Rose drops Witherless Roses at 0. Use Earth arrows vs.

How To Make Money Online Fast 2016

Sell the roses with Overcharge on your merchant. Use Fire arrows vs.

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Use Overcharge and sell all drops. Venatu cards are practically worthless, so you might as well sell those. The most efficient way to hunt them is to use an Assassin with Grimtooth. Gather a mob and then hide and Grimtooth away, make sure to have high flee and high strength.

Royal Jelly drops at a high rate. Gonryun Dungeon is a great place to hunt Royal Jelly and the other drops there are worth good money also. Hunt Enchanted Peach Trees , and Bloody Butterflies and then sell all the drops with overcharge on your merchant.

To leech others, you will need to make a Stargladiator devoted to leeching characters at Thors.

Stargladiators are great for PvM. See the Cuddly Stargladiator Guide to Thors once it has been published for the build, gear, and mechanics of leeching. Use your hunting character to get the appropriate gear, and then level your Stargladiator with the Leveling Guide treat a Starglad like a Merchant or Swordsman for leveling purposes. I left out Geffenia because servers without a Dungeon Warper would have a tough time getting there. I do agree though. Geffenia is another great way to rake in the dough.

I know some SinX and Champs that hunt there to make money also. The Champs hunt Abysmal Knights, sell all drops and save the cards. Hunting with a champ only works if you have dungeon warper and healer though.

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Its better for me for hunting Gokurin then sell overcharge to npc… Report comment. Mimic card is rentable.

The way that i use is a sniper with a bow with 2kaho, card,2 mimic card in gloves, ulles cap with mist case card -I go hunting in gongrun donjon enchanted peach. You forgot juperos as well.

The crest pieces that venatu drops are worth 2. Every monster there drops it. And there worth 50, each. MUCH easier to get then looking for certain monsters to drop lesser selling loot elsewhere. Injustice drops red candle worth 10k Zombie Prisoner drops Elunium Cyfar sell to NPC or Catalyst for crafting Steel used also in crafting materials Forging Brigan Sell to NPC.

Rybio White Herb z or more. Whitesmith with VVS Earth Two Handed Sword Cart Terminationing Petite ; 10m in just minutes Report comment. Mail will not be published required. You can use these tags: Item Database Monster Database Skill Database Map Database Quest Database Creation Database Misc Database.

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ragnarok online make money fast

Guides in Progress Request a Guide. Top 5 Ways to Make Money Posted on July 16th, by Shiro Ryu 13 votes, average: Basics of Benjamins in RO The first thing you should do on any server is make 3 characters: Enchanted Peach Trees drop: Thanks to Limitless RO for the great gaming experience! Shiro Ryu , on July 20th, at 3: Fire , on August 8th, at 7: WhiteFrozen , on November 19th, at 1: OMFG , on November 22nd, at 9: Tyrant64 , on December 21st, at Shiro Ryu , on December 29th, at Clarkpel , on May 3rd, at 4: Boyzen , on November 22nd, at ZzLOkI , on April 29th, at Spoot , on August 6th, at 1: Bezedar , on September 8th, at 6: Poor merchant , on June 14th, at 6: MiRMOv2 , on April 3rd, at 9: MangKanor , on June 21st, at 3: Start Contributing How to Start Writing?

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ragnarok online make money fast

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