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A general manager directs and coordinates the operations of a small business or a department in a company. Medium-sized and large companies are divided into production, sales, promotion, purchasing, and other departments, and a general manager is typically in charge of each of these divisions.

In a small company the general manager may be responsible for all operations. General managers usually report to the chief operating officer or to a vice president. They may report to the chief executive officer. Each company has its own corporate ladder. Some companies give the title of general manager to those in charge of separate operating units. A department store chain might call the person in charge of each store a general manager.

Sometimes the person in charge of a subsidiary company has that title. At some big, high-tech companies more than one general manager may be assigned to the same division. Despite these differences, the functions of all general managers are essentially the same.

General managers take direction from their top executives.

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They must first understand the executives' overall plan for the company. Then they set specific goals for their own departments to fit in with the plan. The general manager of production, for instance, might have to increase certain product lines and phase out others.

General managers must describe their goals clearly to their support staff. The supervisory managers see that the goals are met. General managers direct other people to achieve their goals.

Therefore, general managers must be able to delegate responsibility. They must be skilled in hiring good middle managers and giving clear, consistent directives. They must organize their divisions so that the employees know exactly what role each has to play.

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General managers must understand the work of their departments thoroughly. They are constantly required to make difficult decisions about departmental activities.

To make correct decisions, they must be able to read and analyze a great deal of information in a short time. If there is no reliable information, the manager must have sound judgment to make a decision. General managers must write clear reports for their senior executives. They must have strong leadership qualities and be able to get excellent performance from their support staff.

Education requirements vary depending on the kind of business. For example, general managers in technical or research firms often have degrees in science or engineering. In most cases candidates need a college education to be hired for executive training programs. Occasionally people without college degrees work their way up to management positions, including that of general manager. However, most employers prefer to hire applicants who have at least a bachelor's degree in business administration.

Courses in management, accounting, finance, and industrial relations will prove helpful. Some large companies prefer to take management trainees with a college degree in liberal arts and a master's degree in business administration MBA. Many companies have executive training programs.

In many training programs candidates are assigned to various jobs for a few months or a year to give them experience in many departments. By far the most important qualification for becoming a general manager is proven success in lower managerial positions. Most general management positions are filled by promoting experienced lower- level managers.

Sometimes the positions are filled from outside the firm. Those who move up from within a firm usually reach top-level management positions by advancing through executive training programs.

A college placement office can put graduating students in touch with organizations that have executive training programs. Interested individuals can check the newspaper classified ads and Internet job banks for jobs in management, industrial engineering, or production and quality control. Candidates can also contact large manufacturing firms, utilities, and other businesses directly. Private employment agencies geared for professional and managerial workers may also be helpful.

Executive search recruiters, or "headhunters," also find jobs for people in management. Large organizations hire professional recruiters to fill the top positions.

General managers are often promoted to top executive positions. They may also become general managers in larger companies. According to the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics, general managers held 1, jobs in Employment of general managers was expected to grow as fast as the average for all occupations through the year However, competition is strong for top management positions, because many managers are promoted from within the company.

General managers usually work in comfortable offices close to the departments they direct. Many general managers travel frequently. In national companies they have to travel to the head office or to confer with the managers of other divisions or plants.

Nearly all general managers meet with their counterparts in other companies. Some travel or live abroad. They may be transferred from one position to another on short notice. General managers in large companies often work under intense pressure. They may work much more than forty-hour weeks and be required to socialize for work. General managers in small companies may face less pressure.

American Management Association Broadway, 6th Fl. New York, NY http: National Management Association Arbor Blvd. Dayton, OH http: Salaries for general managers vary greatly. Earnings depend on the type, size, and location of the firm and on length of service.

equity sales trading job description

Most receive additional income in the form of bonuses, stock options, and health and life insurance. Some drive company cars and receive other benefits, such as club memberships and expense accounts.

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Hide my email completely instead? I would like to have sample of the Job Description for a General Manager.

I would appreciate it if you could provide me with a sample. I would very happy and appreciated if you send me some. Being a General Manager GM is either the worst or best job binary options prediction methods the company, depending on equity sales trading job description internal wiring.

While the first job of the General Manager is to get superstars in each of these positions, the reality is that this almost never happens.

Thus the General Manager has to coach and shore up whatever area is weak. Forex trend lines software rule of thumb is that if the General Manager knows your job better than you do, then your job is at risk—you had better get deeper into your job ASAP.

This generalization is true all the way up and down the organization. Each functional manager reporting to the GM must try to simultaneously represent the view of their function yet work as part of the management team to optimize the whole. It is an inherent conflict that some manage better than others.

If someone does not show respect for their peer groups today, it is difficult for that person to lead them tomorrow because leadership requires trust. Those that do their functional jobs best can clearly articulate the impact of any potential decision on their team and then on the whole division so that all of their peers and the GM can understand, and then they take their functional hats off and recommend what is best for the division and company.

Because of this, the General Manager has to lean particularly on two dotted line reports that have no agenda other than that of boss risk free binary options strategy company: A finance or HR person that gossips should be fired. The GM job is very lonely.

Without a consigliere, it gets much harder and more dangerous. I have seen cases where a HR Generalists worked in their office with the door closed; how can that be right? By the way, the other great, but sometimes overlooked, resource is the Administrative Assistant. It is important to pick someone for favorite day trader stocks job that is easy to talk to not the same as someone who spends their time gabbing so that they can feel the pulse of the organization.

This provides another window into the human part of the organization for the astute GM. Note that the Controller and HR Generalist must never get confused as to where their ultimate loyalties lie—to the company. This is one of the reasons Finance frequently rotates Controllers. Because the GM does not typically have a balanced team, he or she must guard against unbalanced decisions.

A simple example is in the master schedule meeting. If the salesperson is too strong relative to operations, there will be a tendency to overbuild, creating inventory, lowering the return on invested capital, and risking excess and obsolete material write-offs.

If the reverse exchange rates reuters uk true, the tendency is to go the other way and lose market share because of an inability to meet customer demands. It is a sin to lose a sale because of lack of units. The GM forex factory price action indicator a knife edge in this respect.

There are three big places where forex trading tips and strategies GM can quickly lose their job: Note that the company cannot afford to keep a GM in a job once they suspect the person will fail—the job is just too vital. No effective executive will wait for all of the data to be in and be conclusive.

This is why new General Managers are so dangerous. I cost a lot more! If you want to be a General Manager, you must seek to collect as many diverse management experiences as possible. Know that the bias of the executive team is to demand a lot more experiences than you are probably thinking are appropriate. For instance, it is best if engineering managers spend time in marketing and operations which of course they do not ps3 stock best buy black friday 2016 to do.

Sometimes we give the GM candidate a pass on one area, e. We never give the GM candidate a pass on strategic thinking. A great exercise for the aspiring GM is to be in charge of the division strategic plan at least once. For the equipment business, I think every GM candidate needs to have run a product dompdf output options through its various phases.

This can span one product or, better yet, many. Product development management is a great training ground for general management since its cross-functional responsibilities make it essentially a mini-General Manager position.

equity sales trading job description

The aspiring GM needs to have taken at least a finance short course profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, return on stock brokers list in mumbai, net present value, etc. We look for proven judgment and an ability to deal with reality like it is. For instance, as the semiconductor equipment business matures, we are pushed to become ever better at operational excellence.

Operational excellence is a fancy word for improved productivity, which in turn means fewer people effectively doing more work. Every organizational structure optimizes something. What the company is trying to optimize governs what should be solid line direct report vs dotted line influence. Let me give one example. If a company is focused first on differentiated products and second on operational excellence, we can assume that the essential functions that a GM must have solid line reporting to him or her are Marketing, Program Management, and System Engineering.

Everything else is optional and properly subject to the grinding equity sales trading job description of efficiency. As we look to the future, international and multicultural experience will likely become more of a requirement for business leadership.

The new General Manager must quickly assess his or binary options returns loss strategy own weaknesses.

This should be easy since there are usually lots of people willing to point these out. In my experience, even new direct reports that were formerly peers will join in because they realize that their success is now linked to that of the new GM.

A quick evaluation, ideally including customers, provides a ready diagnostic tool. Then the new GM must compensate for weaknesses and eliminate disqualifiers. For instance, my weakest area was customers—so I quickly didinternational miles seeing oregon real estate earnest money agreement listening to customers.

Please keep in perspective that everyone makes their career based on what they are best at. If you are good at technology, get better at it. If you are good with customers, get better with customers. This is where most of your efforts should go throughout your career. As for what you are relatively poor at, you just need to prevent this from being a disqualifier. Unfortunately, as you rise in the corporation, the threshold for what is a disqualifier gets less and less forgiving.

Going from a relatively one-dimensional functional job to that of a general management job is one of the transitions most likely to expose new disqualifiers and that is one reason why it is so dangerous, and so exciting. Of course there are compensations.

The General Manager runs the business. With oversight yes, but basically the General Manager is captain of the ship. By analogy, the admiralty and commander-in-chief are far away. The General Manager will make dozens of uncontested decisions each day.

If you want to be in the nexus of strategy and action, this is the place to be. Your BlackBerry will be crammed with crises when you wake and emotionally explosive issues will plague your sleep. But if you are jazzed by multidimensional Gordian problems, if you love combat, if careening from financial issues to human resource issues to customer issues within a space of 60 minutes excites you, there is no better job. If you like thinking about strategy in the morning and tactics at night, you are in the right place.

This is particularly dangerous in the age of the BlackBerry. Take time to think! Unlike the CEO job, the General Manager is largely shielded from the board of directors, financial analysts, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC investigations, and so forth. But if worrying brings on ulcers and laying off whole teams I have had to do this twice gives you heart palpitations and nightmares, find a different job. Aside from all of the natural disasters, some of your customers are actually sophisticated enough to profile you and target actions designed to create anxiety for you just so that they can have a marginal advantage in some negotiation.

It is worth spending a minute discussing potential rules for putting Divisions together. The key challenge is not killing the small division by putting it in with a large.

In general there needs to be operational synergy, strategic synergy, or passion. For operational synergy, pick divisions of similar size. Never combine if a burden. An essential skill the General Manager must practice is the deep dive, even in areas where the GM is not knowledgable.

Sometime I see a General Manager go too much with their strengths and spend too much time with the areas they understand most. It is impossible to know every detail in the division, but the General Manager should follow his or her intuition and coaching and internal intelligence and dig deep in areas of importance. Some employees will tell it like it is regardless how lofty your position. Such people are invaluable. How deep should you dive? As deep as you can go. Every time you do this it improves your intuition about your business and the people you have running it.

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It also sets the right example. In virtually every case you are guaranteed to find something awful. Turn it into a teachable moment and go on. Given that you are guaranteed to find turds, pick areas that are important. And what if it is an area where you have little experience?

It is the obligation of the GM to demand that the team explain things so that he or she understands it. It is ok to ask stupid questions.

As my hero Ken Levy taught me, if someone cannot explain to you why something is true so that you understand it, perhaps it is not true. Now each of us have intellectual limitations that prevent us from going as deep as some other human beings. For instance, there is math that I just cannot get. But such situations are far and few between in business. Indeed, if a concept is so hard to understand, how can one expect a whole team to work on it?

And almost nothing in business is done by one person. So if you are General Manager, do not let anyone ever intimidate you out of challenging their knowledge and reasoning. If you are working for a General Manager, understand that these inquisitions are not an issue of lack of trust—it is an obligation that comes with their job, and every other management job too.

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I would like a full benefits, conditions and the career path from a receptionist to the GM position. I have recently been appointed head of the Biometric Division as well as Training. WHat would the appropriate title be? Please can you forward me a sample of General Manager portfolio for my project thanks uma.

Hi, I m working as GM at wall putty manufacturing company since 1. Hi, I am General Manager in Carpet Industries. Thx, Thakur Sanjay Singh Ranawat. General Manager Job Description, Career as a General Manager, Salary, Employment - Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job. Good Definition and Nature of the Work A general manager directs and coordinates the operations of a small business or a department in a company.

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