Scar aftermarket stock

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The gun is great — accurate as all hell, runs like a Swiss clock, and easy to use. But the aesthetics of the gun leave something to be desired. Something about the gun always seemed…off. Then I installed the MREX MLOK handguard from Kinetic Development Groupand it was as if the clouds parted and angels had begun to sing. The rail sections on the sides and bottom of the rifle are great, but it makes the gun awkward to hold and visually unappealing.

scar aftermarket stock

A least to me. FN offers a rail extension kit that gives you some extra railage out past the gas block and improves the ratio a bit, but the gun is still kind of a beast and not for those with smaller hands. What it really needed was a slim and sleek rail extension that would give the shooter more room to grip the gun and also chop out the rail sections except those that were really needed.

Enter Kinetic Development Group. That posed a little problem, though. I promptly ignored that, and it took me the better part of a Cuban robusto to figure everything out. In the end, the rail requires you to remove the existing rail sections from the sides and bottom of your gun, and momentarily un-install your barrel as well to get everything to fit right. And watch that video. Pimped SCAR in action. A video posted by The Truth About Guns guntruth on Apr 16, at 1: When it was finally installed on the rifle, the gun just looks right.

At long last the proportions are correct, and the rifle actually looks sleek and sexy. The MREX rail system comes in two flavors: Both versions replace the existing rail sections on the sides of the gun as well as along the bottom of the barrel assembly, the main difference is how much additional space they add to the front of the gun. Compared to a relatively unmodified SCAR 17, the difference is pretty obvious. A ton more rail space exists further out beyond the receiver than ever before, and as an added bonus the gas block is enclosed within the aluminum chassis to keep you from burning yourself.

I do, however, have a small issue with the thing: On the one hand, it makes the rail slim and I like that. But on the other hand it makes the rails uneven, and I like everything to line up.

scar aftermarket stock

Another issue some might run into is the color. Heck, two receivers from the same batch might not be the exact same shade of brown or FDE or whatever. So just be aware that the FDE on this rail might not exactly match the color on your SCAR. In this case, however, Robert got very lucky. Something I thought I would hate is the choice to go with MLOK. Everything I own and actually use is currently running the competing keymod system for accessories and attachment rails.

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I like it better mainly due to the ease of use and ready availability of accessories. Magpul wants their MLOK system to be the new hotness in accessory rails, and initially I thought it was pretty dumb. I tried it for the first time in the field with this rail, and in my opinion… I still like keymod. It definitely gives the extension a better and sleeker look than the odd shaped keymod holes, but putting things on and taking them off can be a pain in the ass.

They need to make it a little easier to use, I think. The MREX rail takes that clunky military firearm and adds some style and usability to it for the civilian world, and does it very well. The MREX rail combined with a different stock on the SCAR completely changes the nature of the beast. It makes the gun slick and beautiful instead of chunky and utilitarian.

scar aftermarket stock

And I like that. The finish is forex bank uppsala sweden smooth.

Not quite as easy as changing an optic out, but Iforex online trading review better than adding a rail to an AR M4gery. However, I wonder if the extra rail on the front throws the balance off the rifle, particularly if you are accustomed to the stock factory SCAR.

I never understood hand guards with gas block sight cutouts. It just seems odd to me to have that gigantic gap there for stuff to catch on, break, etc…. With the SCAR, the front sight is permanently affixed to the gas block. Im building my first AR in the upcoming weeks and months, and I want to have a modular rail for weight saving and comfort over quad rails. So what really is the issue with Scar aftermarket stock The MLOC is a bit harder to use but weighs less and scar aftermarket stock nicer than keymod.

Personally, given that I am already heavily invested in Magpul stuff on my various toys, it makes sense for me to stay with them. So out of curiosity, what rail system are you running and who makes it? Aeroprecision makes a MLOK hand guard to go with their M4E1 upper.

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Holding forex worldwide training and support breath for the new AK hand guards to upgrade my WASR. I looked on their website and as far as I can tell they have a monolithic upper that features MLOK and they have a complete rifle or two.

Is there anyway to get them separately without the rifle or upper? It works best with their M4E1 upper, but it can be made to work with a normal upper and their nut. Think VHS cs Betamax or Blu-Ray vs. My advice would be to find a local gun shop that stocks both, and will let you try them out with, say, installing or removing stock market jobs mumbai hand grip or flashlight mount.

To your point about the market, its sort of stumping me on this. As far as I can tell, there are more companies producing Keymod rails and key mod accessories. However, damn near everything that magpul puts out there is a success and they are darn good about keeping accessories available and cost effective. Just gonna have to take a leap of faith I suppose.

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One thing you might do is make a list of everything you think you might want at some point — fore grip, bipid mount, laser holder, light holder, backup sights, coffee cup warmer, etc — and see if you can get all of them in one format, both, or neither. The optic should be covered by the rail section on the receiver. I feel like if someone is going to drop that kind of coin for a SCAR that it should be perfect from the factory.

Yeah thats what has been my problem with the SCAR. I know for a fact that it is an amazing rifle and it will do the job of a battle rifle very well.

The scar is great but it is far from perfect and because it is produced by one company, its pricy and accessories are hard to come by not to mention the issue with the proprietary magazines. The SCAR 16S, reviewed in this article, uses standard STANAG compatible magazines just like your AR Yeah Im referring to the heavy model 7. You mean the 7. Its why the Rangers dumped the MK16 so quickly, followed by SOCOM as a whole. I kinda like it. I have both a 16s and 17s.

The fore-end only added weight out at the end of the barrel. This made the rifle much less maneuverable, IMO and failed to hold zero for long range shots m. The VLTOR RE-SCAR stock adapter, however,was an awesome add-on. This allowed me to get true cheek weld for my Leupold Mark IV scope The Boot always left me slightly low relative to proper alignment.

Nick did a great review on this already. The rail looks pretty cool. I wont be adding anything to mine like that.

I did add magpul rail covers and it makes the rifle much nicer to hold. I currently have a bipod on it but was running a magpul foregrip. I will be putting some higher quality glass on it in the future. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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