Make money selling garbage

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For people posting their own content, make sure to follow Reddit's rules for self promotion and spam. If you do not, your post will be removed. When discussing specific recycling in an area, please mention the country - IE [UK], [USA], [Spain] at the start of every post on this subreddit. And Check Out the Big List of Related Reddits. How recycling companies make money? I understand that some recycling companies sell large volumes of the material but what other revenue streams do they have?

Can I Make Money With Buying a Garbage Truck? |

I work as a Marketing Coordinator for Regional Recycling based in Vancouver, Canada I hope that helps! Feel free to ask me any more questions and I'll do my best to respond or I'll ask to owner of Regional Recycling if I don't have the answer myself: I mean, that is their business--selling commodities. They make their money through sales of recyclable materials to processors.

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They may get paid by local governments to offer collection services, but there is no "private donations" to for-profit companies.

They don't just recycle because it's good for the environment, they do it because they make money off of it. You shouldn't throw recyclables away just because it's bad for the environment, you shouldn't do it because you are robbing your community of money and jobs by burying a valuable product.

Note that recycling markets are shitty right now, so some of these companies--a lot of them, probably--are stockpiling materials and will sell them off when the markets turn around. Well, my main confusion is the fact that you can buy 1 metric ton of plastics for dollars and when you bring 2L bottle to the recycling, you get 20 cents for it in Canada. So how do they profit from that?

make money selling garbage

The money for bottle bills comes from the state orcity that has it, at least in the US. So if you sell your bottles to a recycler, they report how much they take in to the state and the state reimburses them the deposits the company paid you.

The company then gets to sell the actual plastic for profit realistically, to cover their labor and capital costs. One of the biggest misconceptions about recycling is that it is a profitable industry on its own. This varies, but if you are a collection and recycling company, there is no way to make enough to cover the collection and processing costs of recycling just from the sale of recyclables alone.

In general, the industry is heavily subsidized, either through charging garbage rates that are way above cost to cover thr recycling or through municipal subsidies. When you say you can buy a metric ton of plastics, what do you mean? Are you talking about the raw material for the make money selling garbage Well, when i was chatting the native share stock brokers association the plastics recycling facility employee, that's what she told me I mean 40 bucks per ton.

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I guess this is not the raw material but the actual unprocessed plastics e. In New Brunswick half of the deposit you pay when you buy an item goes to you when you recycle it, and half goes to the recycling depot. There's also the case of Westmorland-Albert Waste Corporation. They have the contract to collect garbage in the two counties, and they make money by not building landfills. It's cheaper for them to do a combination of sell recyclables and pay people to take them then it is to build a properly sealed landfill, so that's what they do.

There's also the point that we need to buy more recycled materials though. There needs to be, if not demand specifically for recycled, at least a use for the recycled products.

I'm the operations manager for an E-waste company. To put it simple, we make our revenue in two ways.

While disposing of E-waste is free in Australia, the government levies manufacturers and importers of E-waste through a product stewardship scheme. We are then paid by the federal government to accept the E-waste. Recovering and selling commodities. The rest is on sold as a commodity which is another revenue for us. I pick it up in big skip bins and I take it to a option market in nse plant where they crush it back into a reuseable stone.

The money is made by charging the client as there is a fee to dump your rubble at the crusher. Forex hanging man is only one commodity though, look at metals and even cardboard the profit margin is greater.

I recycle appliances, if it has refrigerant in it I charge clients to remove it, I store it, and then sell the refrigerant and all the clean metals. I work what are the causes of the stock market crash 1929 a electronic recycling company A lot of people ask this question all the time.

The first way of making money is "reuse", if a computer or laptop comes in, we make money selling garbage to repair it, and resell it as a refurbished item. Moving forward after this point we start breaking a computer down to its raw commodities plastic, metal, silver, gold, and etc and we work in such a way it's like the stock market, buy low sell high.

make money selling garbage

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We're making a FAQ section for this subreddit. What do you think are the most appropriate questions for it? Recycling centers continue to struggle, driving California recycling rates down. Anyone know where to recycle MRIs, X-Rays, CAT Scans? They pull the silver and pay you! Volunteers take nearly 30K pounds of trash out of Mississippi River for recycling.

make money selling garbage

Are these bags recyclable with dirty paper products and bottles in them? This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. To make money with beverage containers, whenever a customer purchases a beverage container say a ml can of cokethey will have to pay a 5 cent deposit -- which they will get back once they return it to a recycling depot -- AND, they will have to pay a cent environmental fee.

This environmental fee will not be collected back by the consumer once the beverage container is returned, but instead, is given by the Recycling Steward such as Encorp in BC that is in direct connection with the Beverage Container Manufacture such as Coca-Cola to the Recycling Depot as a "Handling Fee". For scrap metals, this is realatively straight forward as we pay the customer who brings in these items by weight, type of metal, and quality of metal based on market price of that raw material.

For all forms of TV, Computer Electronics and Appliances e-waste if you willthe customer does not get any money for dropping these items off. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.

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